Charitable Donation - Daft as a Brush

The whole school took part in a 3 mile walk for the local charity Daft as a Brush Cancer Patient Care.  The children walked across 5 of the bridges over the River Tyne from Gateshead to Newcastle.  Starting from the Baltic on Gateshead’s quayside they walked over the Millennium Bridge, then over the Swing, Bridge, the Tyne Bridge, the High Level Bridge and finally the Redheugh Bridge, ending up in Times Square where each walker received a goody bag and was able to have a good look at one of the ambulances.  The nursery children even took part but they did their walk at school, walking round the track.  Friends from Y6 looked after their Reception buddies and Y5 looked after their Y1 friends, Ruby managed to make a couple of new canine friends on route too.  Everyone had a good time walking together, one group even bumped into Jason Donovan on the Millennium Bridge, although there were some tired legs at the end! 

Thank you to all of the Daft as a Brush volunteers for walking with us and sharing some historical facts about the bridges along the way.  Thank you to the parents and families who joined us and thank you to the staff who either walked with us or drove the minibuses. It was lovely to see so many people giving up their time for such a good cause. 


On Friday 17th June in assembly, we were able to hand over a massive check to Jann and David from Daft as a Brush  and reveal the unbelievable amount of money raised. 

THANK YOU so much for raising a whopping £2865.56!!!!!!! This sum rose to over£3,300.00 through further donations.

It felt emotional to hand over such a huge amount, we cannot thank you all enough.

We have now been asked by Daft as a Brush to adopt an ambulance, which means the children get to name and design an ambulance to be used to transport cancer patients to hospital around our local area. WELL DONE EVERYONE!