Malawi Day June 2021

22nd June 2021

On Tuesday 22nd June we embraced all 5 of our Sacred Heart Goals of Faith, Community, Social Awareness, Intellect and Personal Growth as we took part in a sponsored event –

A day in solidarity with our friends in Malawi. 

Our aim was to spend time thinking and praying for the village in Kizomba and raising as much money as we could to help towards the ‘Come for Breakfast/Dinner’ initiative. 

With all schools in Malawi still closed due to COVID, the children are not getting the food they receive as part of their normal school day.  Our Mini Vinnies wanted to help and planned this day with the whole school community, so that we could raise money for food and send love and support through prayers and kind messages. 

Throughout the day we…

  • Gathered in prayer to think about our friends in Malawi
  • Wore a Chitenje (a brightly coloured piece of material over our school uniform to unite the special bond with our friends in Africa).  Wearing this helped us to experience how mothers and siblings carry babies, carry out chores and have a mat to sit on to eat. 
  • Walked for Water using our track for at least 45 minutes. (As we walked, we tied pieces of cloth to posts, as a symbol of unity to those who make this jouney every day).
  • Lived with no electricity.
  • Ate a packed lunch, sat on our Chitenje’s outside.
  • Learnt with limited resources. 

We all worked closely with Cath Batey from St Robert’s Parish, who lives part time in the village in Malawi.  She joined us on the day and shared messages of thanks from Malawi.

At the end of the day, Year 6 planned and lead a beautiful outdoor whole school liturgical prayer session, where we gathered in an open heart using our Chitenjes, listened to the story of The Good Samaritan and reflected on our day.  We had truly lived out our school mission.

 Be Humble, Be Simple, Bring Joy to Others. 

As we left the school grounds with our parents, we were able to purchase products made in Malawi and ice pops to raise extra money. 

Thank you so much for all your support.  We are delighted with all of your efforts and the total raised so far is… £1393.00

If you have any sponsor money, which you are still collecting, please bring it into the school office by tomorrow. 

Nobody can do everything – but everybody can do something!