The school has a uniform for the following reasons:

• the pupils come from different social economic backgrounds;

• we believe it gives a sense of identity and belonging;

• the majority of parents are strongly in favour of a uniform. We expect all of our children to wear their school uniform.


The uniform colours are grey and red. Most items can be bought at any store in Newcastle.

  • Red sweatshirts, cardigans, white tee shirts and polo shirts all bearing the school crest, and red PE shorts are obtainable via the school.
  • We do keep a small supply of second hand uniform in school which is available for a small donation.
  • We ask that, in the interests of safety, children wear shoes that do not slip off their feet, do not have heels that are over 4 cms or which mark the floors.
  • School shoes should be worn, no trainers or boots. 
  • When it snows children are asked to bring a change of shoes, or to have sandshoes or trainers available in school. 

All school clothing, P.E. and swimming kit must be clearly marked with the child's name.


  • Grey trousers (long or short), grey skirt or pinafore
  • White shirt or blouse/white polo top 
  • Red school sweatshirt/cardigan or KS2 hoodie  
  • Black shoes
  • Red, grey, black or white tights/socks. (No multicoloured tights.)


  • Grey shorts/ skirt or pinafore
  • White polo top
  • Red school sweatshirt/cardigan or KS2 hoodie 
  • Red and white checked dress
  • White or red socks.
  • Black shoes or summer sandals 


Kit for Physical Education:

  • Red shorts 
  • White tee shirt;
  • Sand shoes or trainers for outdoor PE.
  • A school navy blue school tracksuit is also available  
  • Swimming: swimsuit / trunks and towel in a plastic or polythene bag.

School Tracksuit: Navy hoodie with the school logo and navy joggers are available from the school office at £16.50

SCHOOL COATS: Reversible, red school coats are available from the school office at £18.50