The children begin to learn French in Reception and is taught weekly in all year groups from Y1 to Y6. 
In KS1, Year 1 & Year 2,  the children enjoy learning French through all sorts of songs, stories and games both indoors and outside.  The children learn basic salutations, how to say how they are feeling, some basic classroom instructions, numbers and colours.  The emphasis in these early stages is very much responding  to the spoken word, playing games and lots of repetition.  Don't worry about it confusing the children's phonics progress, there is no writing and very limited reading of the language at this stage.
In KS2 the French gets a little more formal (but still fun!)  The children build on their prior knowledge from KS1and follow a scheme of work which covers a wide range of topics and introduces new vocabulary. As the children progress through the key stage the emphasis moves to written French and intercultural understanding in order to allow the children to get a real taste of France.  We are very lucky that Mrs Bureau speaks fluent French and teaches all of the children with great enthusiasm.
  • Mrs C Bureau


    Mrs Bureau teaches French throughout the school.