Poverty Proofing

Sacred Heart Primary has a goal, a big goal, to make everybody feel equal.

Earlier this year, Cat from Poverty Proofing came to meet everyone; pupils, staff and parents, to find out about school life at Sacred Heart. One of her findings was that some pupils felt pressured to purchase the latest trends in order to “fit in”. We wanted to put this right so, Cat came in and helped us set some rules. Such as: water bottles, backpacks, birthday treats, stationary, presents for teachers and football strips being banned in order to make everyone feel equal. Water bottles were replaced with school water bottles so everyone has the same. Instead of buying gifts, we are given time during an afternoon in school to create gifts or cards for teachers to thank them for all their support throughout the year.

The problem with these rules can be that people do not understand the reason the rules were made. However, we (the school council) are explaining the motive behind why we have set the rules.

The aim is to not pressure our parents and pupils into thinking that they have to waste their well-earned money to fit in. The goal being everyone feels equal.


Sacred Heart School Council Team

December 2018