Attendance and punctuality - Traffic Lights

16th January 2017

We have new procedures in place for school attendance with immediate effect. We are working closely with the Local Authority in order to improve school attendance and punctuality throughout the school. We recognise the importance of working with parents and carers who have a legal responsibility to ensure their child achieves satisfactory levels of attendance.


  • The new procedures are based on traffic lights to create a more simplistic and consistent approach to promoting school attendance.

  • Attendance above 97% will be coded ‘Green’ (Safety Zone)

  • Attendance between 91% and 96% will be coded ‘Amber’ (At Risk Zone)

  • Attendance below 90% will be coded ‘Red’ (Danger Zone)


    Those parents whose children fall in the Amber or Red categories will be contacted and their child’s attendance will be monitored for 4 school weeks. Those parents whose child’s attendance during the monitoring period is not satisfactory will be invited in to school for a meeting with myself and our attendance officer Paul Coulson to discuss concerns and any support that may be offered to support families to improve attendance.

    We recognise that children may have a legitimate reason to be absent from school, and we are also aware that some families face difficulties which may impact on their child’s education, therefore the traffic light system has been put in place in an attempt to support families. It aims to highlight concerns at an early stage in an attempt to prevent legal action from being taken against parents who fail to ensure that their child attends school.

    We therefore hope that you will continue to support our school by promoting school attendance and by informing us if you feel there are any issues that are preventing your child from attending school regularly.