Keeping children safe online

6th March 2017
Thank you to the parents who attended our meeting about how to keep our children safe online last week.  This is such an important area that as adults we need to know how to keep up with the children. Some information from the session can be found below, as well as further information on the school's website.

Parents Digital Literacy

You will be aware the Internet hosts many exciting opportunities for education. The online world is a wonderful place for young people to explore, with unprecedented opportunities for learning and creativity, but just like the real world there are risks and dangers they should be aware of and which we should all act to protect them from. As a school we encourage the use of technology as an important part of our students’ development but always want them to spend their time online safely. As a parent/carer you can play a significant part in ensuring this.

Top Tips for Parents:

1. Talk to your child, early and often

2. Explore online together

3. Know who your child is talking to online

4. Set rules and boundaries

5. Make sure content is age-appropriate

6. Use parental controls to filter, restrict, monitor and report content

7. Check they know how to use privacy settings and reporting tools



CEOP Think U Know Parents:

Internet Matters:

h2bsafer Safety Centre:



NetAware by NSPCC

A simple guide for parents to the most popular social networks, apps and games

InternetMatters by Internet Matters

This tablet-only app will help parents learn together with their child about online safety issues

iOS Settings by Apple

Enable password protected Restrictions on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

Qustodio Parental Control by Qustodio

Internet monitoring and control for mobile devices including tablets and smart phones.

For further information is available on the school website or paper copies of advice are available from the school office.