New Arrival

8th January 2016
Happy New Year to you all I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and New Year.  The children seem very excited to be back at school to start our Spring term and meet the new member of our school family our new school dog Ruby.  Her first few days in school have been a great success. She has met all of the children and is getting used to her new accomodation.  She has even met quite a few parents.  The children can come and visit her in my room at playtime or lunchtime and have some 'Ruby Time' she has brought smiles to alot of faces already!  Over the next few weeks and months as she gets used to being in school she will mostly be in my room in her pen.  Feel free to come and meet her if you would like to!  As she gets older and she has learned how to follow commands more she may start to spend time in classrooms although this seems quite a way off for now.  She has been to her first puppy classes and is learning new things every day.  There will be children from all of the classes chosen to be on the 'Dog Squad'  to come for walks with Ruby and to help her with her puppy classes homework! This week it is mainly coming to her name, sit and wait- I think walking to heal is still a bit of a way off.
She met the children from the school council today and they said that their wishes had come true and that they thought Ruby had brought joy and happiness to school.