Yes I can!

8th September 2016

This year we are taking our inspiration from the Olympians and their success in Rio. In particular we are taking inspiration from the Paralympians and their motto of 'Yes I can'.   We are linking this to our new Sacred Heart Goal of 'Valuing Intellect' this year and learning that we can all develop a growth mind set, which tells us that, if we work hard with perseverance and determination that we can do anything, even if we can't do it - yet!

Today our School Council went to support Claire Lomas on her amazing effort of completing the Great North Run.  Claire was paralysed following an accident nine years ago but it hasn't stopped her from living life to the full.  She is taking five days to walk the route of the Great North Run in a bionic suit and the girls and boys went along to cheer her on along the Felling Bypass.  She told the children how hard her day had been yesterday in the heat and today in the rain!  The children were really inspired by her strength and determination and we all wish her luck on the  rest of her journey.